You’re Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Stop Swinging from Anxiety to Depression
with Therapy that Works!

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Your life is a never-ending cycle of exhaustion.

No matter how much sleep you get, your brain feels foggy all day.

Unexplained headaches come along with flashes of frustration that leave you drained.

It’s becoming impossible to organize your thoughts and be productive.

But when it’s finally time for bed, your mind is racing with all the “should haves” of the day.

Your brain doesn’t want to turn off.

It’s difficult getting to sleep and even harder staying asleep.

People consider you a high achiever, but you couldn’t feel farther from that now.

A couple of drinks used to calm you down at the end of the day, but now they just leave you feeling detached and hungover the next day.

It’s time to fix your dysregulated nervous system.

Over the years of my practice, I’ve cultivated the tools and techniques that get results.

We use a combination of somatic experiencing and mindfulness training to soothe your nervous system and increase your mind-body connection.

Using strength-based skills like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Motivational Interviewing, we’ll address your core issues and formulate a unique plan to manage them.

We’ll work both top-down and bottom-up from the body and nervous system to ensure that your root cause is understood and resolved.

Try a treatment that works.

This comprehensive approach quickly decreases your symptoms until they’re finally eliminated.

I’m very grateful to have seen remarkable results in clients who were told they were “treatment-resistant.”

This stuff works!

Overcome the symptoms of anxiety and depression so you can live a happy and healthy life.

Let’s eliminate the anxiety and depression for good.

They’ve kept you from living a life you enjoy long enough.

Untreated anxiety and depression wreak havoc on your life and cause years of misery.

Don’t suffer through that alone.

Contact me today and start experiencing the life you deserve.

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