About Therapy

Take a new direction – one leading to a new life.

Your experience in therapy will be warm and welcoming, with an understood premise that treatment is challenging on several fronts. Understanding this, clients typically feel reservations at first, but after a few sessions, they feel comfortable enough to dig deep, discuss issues, and challenge thoughts and behaviors.

Our mission is to design a roadmap to meet your individual unique needs. Therefore, we will work and adjust as we progress through treatment and the various issues you present. The goal is to move forward through the needs and challenges you identify. Sometimes, clients are not exactly sure what their goals should be; that is ok. We can identify together what they will be based on your wants.

An investment in your future…

I realize that your time and financial expenditure are important investments. Therefore, I deem it vital to ensure you receive a return on investment – ROI – sufficiently moving you toward your goals.

Most clients report alleviation of symptoms starting after the first and second sessions. Measurements are an essential part of the process. As Peter Drucker says, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

You will learn how your neuron pathways operate and how to redesign neuron pathways by challenging current thought processes and implementing new habits into daily living. These new neuron connections and reinforcements will alter your internal working model, grow in the direction you want, and achieve the life you want.

About Me

My work offers you the ability to control the nervous system related to anxiety, depression, and trauma and be comfortable in your skin. Consistently being attuned, aligned, and authentic are goals we will aim to achieve. This consistency and internal stability are what clients have usually wanted for a very long time.

Challenging conditions and symptomology are my niches, and most clients who seek my services are high achievers in their respective areas.

As a mental health technician, therapist, director, consultant, and system VP, my experience in behavioral health spans over 28 years. Recently, I decided to open my private practice and formally supervise new social workers.

I hold two degrees, a Master’s in Social Work from Boston University, ranking #12 out of 227, and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Midwestern State University.


When I’m not working…

I enjoy photography, reading, family time, and volunteering on a local and national level in my off-time. These activities allow me to repair and reset my mind, soul, and body and challenge me in new ways.