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Communication Therapy

Communication is challenging.

No one understands your intention – at home or work.

Bringing your work stress home has become the norm.

Burned out from work, worried at home, what do you do to find your path forward?

You knew what you signed up for because you prepared for it.

A high-pressure and demanding career where others critically depend on you was your choice. At home, life is focused on the care and safety of others.

But you had no idea the degree of stress, anxiety, and depression that this career and life would bring. Somehow this does not feel like what you were taught or advised during your preparation.

You struggle to find a balance between this all-consuming role of responsibility to others and the responsibility you have to yourself.

Compartmentalizing just doesn’t work for your body and mind any longer.

Close relationships always seem to be a challenge.

Things are usually okay in the beginning, but the same old problems rear their head before long.

Arguments filled with criticism, defensiveness, and blame become more and more frequent. You find yourself growing detached.

Friends and family consider your lack of connection a personality trait, but the truth is that you long for more intimate relationships.

This should be the time of your life.

You should be taking advantage of your youth and experiencing all that it has to offer.

But, when you compare yourself to others, you feel as though life is passing you by.

Anxiety and self-doubt make taking chances like going out an intimidating proposition. Hiding away is safer, but you know that something is missing.

There is a way forward.

People depend on you, but you can only care for them if you are able to care for yourself consistently.

Relationships can be fulfilling when you and your partner learn to communicate more openly and with intent.

Life feels vibrant and inspiring once you decide to take some chances.

What’s your blueprint for life?

We will work together to help you understand your blueprint for life and how you approach all relationships, yourself, and the world.

This important understanding will allow you to modify and adjust as needed to implement strategies for developing new habits that move you forward in life with energy and joy.

Comfortable Therapist Services

Alignment, attunement,
authenticity, and feeling comfortable
in your own skin is the goal.

Let me be your guide and accountability partner for self-measurements and readjustments.


Hello, I’m Angela.

And I am here for you.

I support high-performing adults whom people depend on daily by aligning internal and external strategies with the client.

By understanding themselves and others better, I help people build healthier and stronger relationships, inclusive of individual differences.

I work with clients to help them see the blueprint for their approach toward life and teach them how to modify and adjust that plan as needed.

Reach out now and start living the life you deserve.

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