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Life has it’s ups and downs. If you’re going through a down time, I’d love to help. As a Dallas Texas based therapist, I’m qualified and skilled in helping individuals, couples, and families find peace and healing.

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Therapy in Dallas, Texas

I’ve been offering therapy in Dallas for over 28 years and counting. In that time, I’ve helped countless residents of Texas who, just like you, have needed a little extra support.

You can benefit too if you’re:

  • A young adult
  • In a relationship, a couple
  • A high performer at work, school or home
  • In a family system that needs more balance
  • Seeking help for ending the cycles of substance use
  • Experiencing chronic pain or tension and want to regulate your nervous system for relief

Online Therapy Dallas Texas

In addition to in-person therapy, you can also join our sessions virtually. This allows you to stay in the comfort of your own environment, whether that’s your home, office, or even your car.

My clients love the ease of access and the confidentiality and privacy of online therapy sessions. If you would like to book an online session, click the button below, or read more about my online (telehealth) sessions here.

or Call Me: (903) 218-7900

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Therapy That Comes to You (Traveling Therapist)

If you need in-person support, but can’t carve out time to come to me, no problem. I can come to you (anywhere in the Dallas Metroplex area).

I’ve been traveling to clients for years now. My clients love the convenience and care that I bring as a traveling therapist. Our sessions fit into their lives and bring an added layer of depth to our work together.

This option is right for you if you want to see a therapist in person and feel comfortable hosting sessions at your place of residence (or at your work office).

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How I Serve Dallas Clients

Therapy for Young Adults

Therapy for Couples, Families, and Other Relationships

Therapy for High-Performing Adults

Telehealth (Online Therapy in Texas)

What I Can Help You With

Consulting and Education

Somatic Experiencing

Substance Use Disorder

How Therapy Works

Process of Starting Therapy

ONE: Contact me for a free 15-minute phone or Zoom consultation. If time allows, this free consultation can turn into our first 50-minute long session at my regular price.

TWO: You’ll have a chance to share as much or as little as you’d like. I can tell you about my approach to therapy and to your challenges specifically. You’ll have time to ask any and all questions you may need to feel comfortable.

THREE: We’ll pick a regular time each week to meet for your therapy sessions. We’ll also clarify the best way to join – online, over the phone, at my office, or at a safe place of your choosing. Then, we’ll meet regularly and work the treatment plan until you feel excellent.

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Therapist In DallasYour First Visit

The first time doing anything is hard, let alone your first time talking to a stranger about your life. However, I make it easy by showing you that I care. I listen with attentiveness, ask thoughtful questions, and show a genuine interest in learning more about you and the goals you have for yourself.

You’re free to share as much or as little as you want in your first session, and all sessions for that matter. I’m here to support you, not push you into uncomfortable territory.

So come with an open, willing, and curious attitude on your first session and I’ll do the same. Together, we can get to the bottom of your concerns and help you find that deep healing and peace you’re after.

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Ongoing Sessions Until You Feel Better

Most clients come to me every week. Once we choose a time that works for you, we’ll continue meeting at that time every week (or most weeks since life happens every once in a while).

Usually, clients feel some improvement after 2 sessions. They may see some reason for hope, some way out of their situation, or a new way of approaching a long-standing problem. 

Continuing with regular sessions, most clients experience deeper relief and comfort in their own skin around 12 sessions. In as little as 3 months of weekly sessions, you could likely will feel much more alive, energized, and invigorated. 

What do we do in therapy?

  • Heal and repair old wounds
  • Develop habits and skills for proactive engagement with life
  • Learn new ways to manage your emotions and regulate your nervous system
  • Try new behaviors, see how they work, and adjust until you get the desired outcomes

So call me now. Join me for therapy in Dallas, Texas that makes a difference and helps you feel 100% whole.

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Insurance and Paying for Sessions

At the time of this writing, each session with me costs $147.26 with bulk pricing discount of 25%. That’s true for individuals, couples, families, and other types of relationships.

Also, I have 3 payment options:

With insurance:

  • UMR
  • Aetna
  • Oscar
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Oxford Health Plans

Private Pay: Pay without insurance (with the option to purchase sessions in bulk and save up to 25%)

Out-of-network benefits: if you have a different insurance company, I can give you what’s known as a “superbill.” This will help you seek reimbursement from your company even though I’m not on their panel.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please bring them up during our initial consultation call.

or Call Me: (903) 218-7900

Angela Boring

Meet the Gritty Therapist

Hello there,

As a Therapist practicing in Dallas and throughout Texas, Utah, Oregon, and Massachusetts for the last 3+ years, I’ve helped countless Texans just like you.

My personal approach to therapy is one based on measurement. If we can measure your symptoms, including things like intensity and frequency, we can establish a baseline. Then as our work progresses, we’ll continue to measure and improve our approach.

I want to get you a Return on Investment (ROI) for the time and money you spend on therapy. So I make sure to tie our work to your goals. And I check in regularly to determine what’s working and what we can improve upon.

In our time together, you’ll learn how to identify and challenge negative thoughts, establish life-supporting beliefs, and act in ways that benefit your brain, nervous system, and the way you move and feel in the world.

What sets me apart from others in my field? Well, I’m more of an entrepreneur type. I bring my years of experience as a business owner into therapy for some truly unique insights. You’ll find my style confident, challenging (within your comfort level), and practical. Also, gritty. Because healing takes hard work, effort, and grit to persevere.

With me by your side, positive outcomes are just sessions away.

The Gritty Therapist,
Angela Boring

When I’m not working…

I enjoy photography, reading, family time, and volunteering on a local and national level in my off-time. These activities allow me to repair and reset my mind, soul, and body and challenge me in new ways.

or Call Me: (903) 218-7900


  • Master’s in Social Work from Boston University, ranking #12 out of 227
  • Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Midwestern State University.

Special Trainings

  • SEP- Somatic Experiencing Professional
  • CCTP-Certified Clinical Trauma Professional- International Association of Trauma
  • TBRI-Trauma Based Relational Intervention Caregiver Trainer- Texas Christian University-TCU
  • MAC- Master Addiction Counselor -NAADAC 
  • LMSW-Licensed Master Social Worker- Independent Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Supervisor LCSW-S
  • LCDC-Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor – (Rtd 2017 replaced by MAC and LCSW)
  • CART- Certified Anger Resolution Therapist
  • CADAC-Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

or Call Me: (903) 218-7900

See What Clients and Peers Have to Say

“Angela creates a safe, non-judgmental space for her clients. Not only is her office space comfortable and cozy, she has amazing attention to detail! If you are seeking a therapist who combines professionalism and compassion, Angela is your person!”
– Anonymous Client

Therapist In Dallas Tx

Contact Me for Dallas Therapy

Let me be your guide and accountability partner for self-measurements and readjustments to achieve your goals – alignment, attunement, authenticity, and feeling comfortable in your own skin.



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What is the cost of therapy in Dallas?
As a therapist with over 28 years of experience in the healthcare industry, I understand the financial considerations that come with seeking therapy. In Dallas, each session with me costs $147.26 – $196.35.  This rate applies to individuals, couples, families, and other relational dynamics. My goal is to provide a meaningful return on your investment in therapy, considering both the emotional and financial aspects. If you’re contemplating therapy for common issues, know that investing in your mental health is a step toward lasting change and well-being.

Are you licensed in any other states?
In addition to being licensed in Texas, I hold licenses in Massachusetts, Oregon, and Utah. This broad licensure allows me to offer support to a wider audience, particularly for those who might be moving or have ties across these states. Whether you’re facing mental health or relational issues in Dallas or elsewhere, my diverse licensing enables me to provide consistent, professional care tailored to your unique journey.

What is your cancellation policy?
Understanding the dynamic nature of our lives, I strive to accommodate when plans change. My cancellation policy requires at least 48 hours’ notice to avoid a fee which is the costs of the actual session. This policy helps ensure that I can offer your time slot to someone else who may be in need of support. I appreciate the importance of flexibility and consideration for others’ time, as we work together towards healing and growth in the Dallas community.

How do I find a therapist in Dallas who’s a good fit for me?
Finding a therapist who’s the right fit is crucial to your therapy journey. With my extensive background of over 28 years in healthcare—I recommend seeking a therapist whose expertise aligns with your needs, whether that’s for individual, couple, or family therapy. Look for someone who shares your values and with whom you feel comfortable discussing personal matters. Reviews, referrals, and initial consultations can provide insight into the therapist’s approach. Remember, effective therapy is built on trust and a strong therapeutic relationship, essential for navigating common issues in Dallas.

Will my insurance cover therapy?
I’ve ensured my services are accessible through various insurance plans and programs. I currently accept:

  • UMR
  • Aetna
  • Oscar
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Oxford Health Plans

Don’t see your insurance listed? I can provide a “superbill” if you need to use your out-of-network benefits. This helps you seek reimbursement from your insurance company, which may have an option for out-of-network services.

If you’re in Dallas and thinking about starting therapy, I recommend checking with your provider about coverage specifics. Together, we can make therapy a seamless part of your journey toward healing and growth. 

How do I know if therapy is working?
Recognizing the impact of therapy involves noticing changes in how you think, feel, and act. With my decades of experience, I’ve observed that successful therapy often leads to improved coping strategies, healthier relationships, and a greater sense of well-being. You might start seeing life through a more positive lens and find yourself better equipped to handle challenges. Effective therapy sparks noticeable progress towards your goals, an indicator we’ll continuously monitor together, especially here in the vibrant context of Dallas.