Therapy for Couples, Families, and Other Relationships

Relationships provide meaning to life and challenges.

Close relationships always seem to be challenging.

In the beginning, you often do well, but after a while, you learn that the constant arguing filled with criticism, contempt, defensiveness, the quiet game, and the blame game is damaging to the bond, yourself, and moving forward.

Family and friends typically coin this lack of connection as your personality style, but you long for close intimate relationships with partners, family, and friends.

If those involved fail to appropriately address the “excess baggage” in a relationship, matters will likely become very challenging. When not met, those challenges can cause people to end their relationships often because they are too painful, perplexing, and complex.

Finding resolution to relationship challenges is possible.

Not initiating some form of therapy only extends the current damage to faltering relationships.

Unfortunately, without help, the problematic traits or styles that create challenges will become predicting factors in all your future relationships.

There is hope for healthy, stronger relationships, inclusive of individual differences, a better understanding of yourself and your family member or partner, decreasing rigidity, and infusing some flexibility with thinking and behaviors.

Therapy helps find solutions that meet your needs.

Relationships do not need to end because no peace of mind exists. You do not have to call it quits. Solutions to dysfunctional relationships offer both parties tools, strategies, and peace.

My approach supports the relationship toward its intended goals designed by you and your family member or partner. We will assess your needs and wants for your relationship, allowing us to provide a strategy that helps obtain your desired outcomes.

The following are our four primary goals: to understand adult attachment styles, adjust approaches where needed, learn to infuse positive aspects into the disagreements, and identify ways to work through broken agreements or promises by rebuilding trust.

This four-step approach allows a clearer understanding of self, the other party, and the ability to move through conflict. Additionally, ongoing flexible accountability is necessary for continued growth in the relationship.

Let’s work through the challenges in your relationship. Please call or text me at (903) 218-7900 to schedule a 20-minute consultation.