Therapy for High-Performing Adults

Negotiate how you feel about your future.

Taking on responsibility for a high-performance job is demanding. Some jobs (e.g., CEOs, VPs, healthcare leaders, physicians, nurses, police, firefighters, military) require responsible responses, often occurring under stressful conditions. Homelife also can be demanding, especially when caring for older parents, illness, or younger children.

Providing care and safety for others is an exacting task you signed up for, and your role is non-negotiable. However, the disproportionate high stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma responses that come with these roles are negotiable.

2073358646You have two alternatives for how you view this role.

You can allow it to become all-consuming or a part of your life – but not the only part.

Not addressing this high stress and the increased cortisol levels will cause your body to stay in a hyper-response mode that doesn’t always turn off. Living this lifestyle creates many physical concerns, such as difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping well, irritability, severe fatigue, high blood pressure, and frequent headaches.

Improving your peace of mind, physical body, relationships, and continued sustainability requires eliminating those physical symptoms and adjusting your life’s balance in your role of caring for others at both work and home.

Therapy can help you negotiate the correct response.

In therapy, my role is to support high-performing adults whom other people depend on daily. Our work together will involve learning strategies to help align internal and external approaches that allow for high performance without increases in physical and emotional responses caused by stress.

Science has proven that these strategies help facilitate exponential change, helping to minimize unwanted symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma responses. Over time, these negative responses will either become extinct or decrease significantly.

High-stress positions require increased physical movement and repair measures. We can work to put those measures in place, so you keep performing while protecting your mind and body from unnecessary stress.

I am also an accountability partner for new information, ideas, re-adjustments, and self-measurement. The goal is alignment, attunement, authenticity, and feeling comfortable in your skin.

Let’s talk about ways to minimize the impact of your high-performance job.

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