Substance Use Disorder

Gaining control is not easy – but necessary.

Always having to be something or someone you are not, living up to an idea, trying to escape current pain or the daily frustration of life often leads you to start misusing or abusing various substances – legal or illegal.

Abusing substances was not an issue previously; however, now you have noticed, or others are expressing, that your usage is too much and interferes with your life (i.e., relationships, work, school, home, legal system).

Life is out of control as you say things you don’t mean or remember and get into fights and are not sure why.

People tell you that your irresponsibility, behaviors, and excuses are unacceptable and tiring. Their comments make you think that maybe they are correct, but you don’t understand how others can handle themselves while you can’t.

How do others deal with this? – It doesn’t make sense to you.

Therapy helps make sense!

The primary goal is to get to harmony within yourself.

You want and need a proven strategy to assist with those efforts, so you can stop hurting yourself and the people who love you.

Adopting some tools and feeling comfortable in your skin is the goal.

Receiving proper support is where I come into the picture.

Therapy helps you connect with YOURSELF.

My role is to support the client toward their desired goals to either slow down misusing substances or stop altogether by implementing various strategies aligned with the client’s needs and desires.

For those who want to stop altogether, this could include a daily check-in of some type with AA groups, online groups, sponsors, daily calls, or an app that supports care and a plan that works for the client. Those who want to slow down or decrease drinking include a strategy that aligns with the client’s values.

I often assist clients with education, cognitive restructuring, and repairing damaged relationships needed for clients to heal and move forward. Additionally, an altered structure and receiving support for your day can help you meet your desires and goals.

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