Consulting and Education

454949350Facilitate organizational change.

Consultation and education are essential parts of my contribution to society, locally and nationally, to assist caregivers and organizations in understanding themselves and others. I provide this assistance to schools, private organizations, foster care programs, hospitals, and other civic entities.

Consulting and educational services are available for organizations and leaders who want an agent to facilitate change through their organization or programs. As a senior executive leader and independently licensed therapist, I have helped facilitate change under systems and change frameworks, creating strategies and programs for macro and micro change.

For over 12 years, I held corporate roles working with acquisitions, mergers, and rapid organizational growth and have successfully facilitated large-scale change.

Through on-site and web-based educational presentations and training on Trust-Based Relational Intervention-TBRI©, Adult Attachment, and abusing and misusing substances, I have provided education and resources through trauma-informed and somatic experiencing lenses.

Caregivers face challenging problems.

Sometimes, children act out with various behaviors, and neither they nor their caregivers understand the need behind the disruptive behaviors. Failure to understand the cause often leads to frustration for the child and caregiver. Continuous acting out behaviors not addressed can lead to a cycle not conducive to forming a strong connection and bond between the child and caregiver – a necessary essential for growth.

TBRI© is a program designed to meet the unique needs of children where they are on their journey toward adulthood. This training covers all areas of development and incorporates a holistic view of the child and caregiver.

Texas Christian University-TCU has the rights to TBRI© and trains leaders in their curriculum. I utilize these concepts and techniques in therapeutic and personal relationships.

Since 2019, I have trained several hundred caregivers in multiple states. Two offerings to TBRI© are available – a half-day or the entire four-day program – and designed for organizations or caregivers working with children from hard places.

Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) helps with interpersonal skills.

Many times, people struggle with their emotions. They do not know why they operate in a particular manner, causing them to feel they may be different or have a different style related to interpersonal relationships with others and themselves. Additionally, organizations that work with people often struggle due to a lack of understanding of employees’ approaches to their clients.

Mary Main and Erik Hesse designed a tool, the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), that correlates with childhood attachment and gives insight into how a person approaches others and the world. This tool is often a guide in understanding ourselves and our roots.

AAI utilizes a helpful process for individuals or organizations wanting caregivers to understand themselves better, their clients, and others. I received intense training in the Spring of 2021 and now provide AAI to people or organizations and offer a review of the findings.

Typically, the process used by AAI is one and a half hours for the interview, three to four hours for the analysis, and one hour for reporting back the assessment to the client.

Connection addresses the use and misuse of substances.

Struggles with the use and misuse of substance is not a new phenomenon in the U.S. The statistics on use and misuse oscillate year after year, with different substances taking the lead. The pain, loss, and damage of relationships resulting from that misuse are often devastating for families and loved ones and can increase suicide risks if left unaddressed.

Communities often need assistance understanding the issue in their community and how they can help address and resolve it. These entities are often school systems, churches, employers, and civic organizations.

My career initially started in alcohol and drug abuse counseling in North Texas. I have been in addiction counseling in some fashion since 1995. I hold a Master Addiction Counselor-MAC credential from NADAAC and a Master in Social Work-MSW from Boston University.

Over the years, I have provided many organizations and groups with current trends, various initiatives, and recommendations on how to move the needle in the direction they want. Organizations (i.e., schools or businesses) are often curious about how pervasive the use of substances is and how to improve the assistance to the person suffering from that use or misuse.

These organizations often look for programs to assist their specific population. I design programs unique to organizational needs and help them by increasing education, resources, morale, and decreasing missed time and illness, which leads to improved outcomes for the organizations.

278113529Consultation and education can assist organizations with transformations and making a life-saving difference.

If you, your organization, or your program needs guidance with changing the culture, latest approaches, or current information, I can help.

Organizations are made of people, and people can change. Caregivers can assist children in overcoming challenging behaviors strategically and consistently, interpersonal skills can improve, and communities can become better informed about helping those struggling with substances, behavior problems, and difficult relationships.

Making the correct change requires an appropriate assessment, best practice recommendations, and delivery of the latest industry tools. Guiding and supporting you through the change is where I come into the picture.

If you want more information on what I can provide, please text or call me at (903) 218-7900 to schedule a 20-minute consultation.